Bronwyn Ison

Hi, I’m Bronwyn!

I’m a modern day yogini, yoga and wellness influencer, writer, TV Host, single mother of two beautiful daughters, and I’m passionate about helping and serving others.

I am the owner of Evolve Yoga in La Quinta, CA. I’ve practiced yoga for almost 20 years, been teaching for more than a decade, and began my entrepreneurial journey to better serve others five years ago. Over the years, I have instructed thousands and I have had the beautiful opportunity to gather what you need and desire. I’ve learned… you love yoga and the benefits it provides, you want ideas and tips on a healthier way of living, you desire greater energy for yourself and the loved ones around you, you want to remain looking great and staying young as long as possible is vital to you. By the way, I call this maturing wisely with grace and beauty. Does this sound like all the things you want too? You have come to the right place!

For years, students, family and friends encouraged me to share the gift of yoga as well as my life experiences, wellness and balanced living concepts with others online. I knew if I could inspire people in my community then I could uplift others anywhere. I could truly sense a desire for personal growth, change, and transformation.

As a modern day yogini, I color outside the lines (responsibly), I love a great filet mignon, I sip great wine, I smother my gluten-free toast in butter (occasionally) and my guilty pleasure is dessert (rarely). I love to read (we never stop learning till we draw our last breath). 70’s music is my favorite genre. I’m a former news anchor and reporter (I love a great story). My faith, family and friends come first!

I call this living in moderation. I encourage you to live life out loud! You can and will create a well and balanced life for YOU too!

With love, gratitude & blessings,